Hi guys, so we are still in the middle of a very strange time for the country and the world. I was informed yesterday that around 20% of the world is currently on lockdown. This is a crazy thought and as you would expect is having a massive impact on the economies.

Trying to book viewings at the moment is proving really difficult and this will slow down the very hot Liverpool property market. This will have its pros and cons depending on your outlook and your position. If you are selling property or refinancing at the moment it is probably a worrying time. If you have cash reserves and are wanting to buy you are probably pretty excited. I think the market will definitely slow down but it will recover as property always does. If you are going to be buying just make sure you do your due diligence and try not to be tempted into buying without viewing as it is very risky. We have managed to get a few viewings for investors but not many at all and as each day passes it becomes more difficult.

Most importantly stay safe at this time as there will be property deals available still at the end of all this and health is much more important