Do you want to invest in Liverpool? Do you struggle knowing what areas will work for your chosen strategy or even which strategy to use?

I own a construction company and an estate agency in Liverpool so I get lots of people each week asking me questions about all kinds of different things. 

This is blog number 3 and as much as it is annoying with everybody constantly talking about Corona Virus, I feel its only right to discuss the topic this week. 

I feel from now and for the foreseeable future that nobody can even begin to guess what is going to happen in the country. It is going to be very tough for the majority of people and I hope everybody can get the help and get through these times as it will definitely improve after all this is under control.

On a more positive note, amongst all this negative news it is a massive opportunity for people looking to purchase property. Granted it will be difficult for a little while to sort out viewings and maybe to rent out your property with any security of getting rent paid. If you can weather the storm and purchase at the right price you should be able to get a good deal in this market. 

I have still got investors looking to buy properties at this time and if something suitable comes they will still move on it. I have noticed less enquiries for renting and also for purchasing and know that a number of local agents have closed their doors. 

Be alert for good opportunities in the coming months and get in touch if we can help with the viewing for you