Do you want to invest in Liverpool? Do you struggle knowing what areas will work for your chosen strategy or even which strategy to use?

I own a construction company and an estate agency in Liverpool so I get lots of people each week asking me questions about all kinds of different things. 

This is blog number 2 and after last weeks shared accomodation I wanted to discuss finding a property in the correct area for the type of tenants you want to attract.  

Do you want to have a property that attracts working tenants that will hopefully be as little work as possible? If so, I would recommend finding a nicer part of the city maybe around the Sefton Park (L17) area as a good place to start. Finding the correct area is only the start. You then need to decide on how many rooms to make the property? How many bathrooms? What type of kitchen? Do you put in a dining table?

These are all important questions and all need considering when you are choosing tenant type and strategy. If you want higher end tenants and expect them to pay higher monthly rent then you need to give them larger rooms, probably their own shower room and nicer common areas.